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October 21

Today we took notes on Section 3-7. The homework was study guide page 45 and 46 all. Quiz Friday.

October 20

Today they did an activity on proportions. They had a puzzle for homework.

October 17

4th period took a test. 6th period did the skate party activity. There was no homework.

October 16

In 6th period they took a test. In fourth period they did the review that 6th did yesterday.

October 15---split

4th period did an activity called "The Skate Party Problem." Their homework is a worksheet. Their test is FRIDAY! 6th period did an activity...

October 14--Solving with Variables on Both Sides

Today we learned how to solve when there are variables on both sides. The homework is SG pg 42 odds (4th periods) OR SG pg 42 multiples of 3 (6th ...

Oct. 13--Solving with Parentheses

Today we took notes on solving using the distributive property. The homework was a puzzle worksheet.

Friday, October 10

We took a quiz.

Solving muti-step equations

Today we continued to work on solving multi-step equations. Fourth period has class work from section 3-4 of the book (#22-39, 42-46, 48) from cla...

Solving 2 step equations

Today we learned a method called "Do/Undo" that is used to solve multi-step equations. The homework was a puzzle on solving equations. Many finis...

Section 3-3

On Thursday Oct 2, we looked a solving equations with multiplication and division. The homework was practice workbook page 19.

Section 3-2: Solving Equations

Today we started learning how to solve equations with addition and subtraction. The were able to work on their homework during class. The homewor...

Section 3-1

On Tuesday, we took notes over section 3-1 (writing equations.) The homework was SG pages 33 and 34. 6th period finished it in class.


Since I did not see 6th period today, my fourth period class analyzed the game Yahtzee. They do not have homework tonight.

September 24-26

Sorry for the delay. On the 24th we did a review for our test. The math test was on the 25th. On Friday we had a binder test.


Today we talked about experimental versus theoretical probability. We did an in class activity. The homework is practice workbook page 15.

Power Outage Article

Today we read an article from the CJ on Friday. They answered questions about the article. 4th period turned it in at the end of class, 6th perio...

Statistics Review

Today I was out due to professional development. All my students worked on a packet reviewing what we have learned. There is no homework tonight....

Looking forward, Looking ahead

Today I was out during fourth period due a field trip. They had to work on an assignment involving sugar cereals and statistics. It was due at th...

McDonald's data

On Tuesday we analyzed the calories in McDonald's food. They worked in groups and made box plots. They had a worksheet for homework.


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