Warrior Heir

    A fantasy novel by Cinda Williams Chima in which a young boy discovers the "heart medicine" he's been taking all his life is really a potion to dampen his amazing warrior powers in the wizard world.
    I liked it. But I'm a sucker for fantasy and wizards and magic. I did find the ending a little forced, though, and didn't really get the dragon allusion.
    --Ms. Younkin
    Wow! The Wizard Heir was fabulous! And only two typos!

    It was SO much better than the Warrior Heir. It starts off with a whole new cast, about about half way through the book, the main character meets the old cast and they become a crucial part of the book, but only Linda and Lee become main characters once again. We get just the right amount of Ellen and Jack's relationship as well, and a lot less of Becka.

    I was very apprehensive going into this book. I thought that since the Wizards already got so much face time, it was time to have a book about Enchanters, Seers, or Sorcerers. Instead we get a Wizard who, like Jack, grew up not knowing much about the world he was apart of. Unlike Jack, however, he is not completely clueless.

    The first typo I found was admittedly an OCD thing on my part. The tabs between two paragraphs didn't match up. She had spaced a few times after one. The other one was more annoying, which leads me to think that Chima needs to start paying more attention to her characters and less to the plot line. The main character is Joseph, but he is known as Seph. At one point a character says "seth, or seph. Whatever your name is." Later in the book, Chima accidentally narrates him as Seth.

    There were also a few inconsistancies with the last book. In Warrior Heir, they say the potion was poured into the dragon's ear. In this one, its his mouth. Also, Chima continuously changes the time line. Half the time it has been 2 years isnce the last tournimate, the other half it is 1 year. If you ignore the characters and look at the events going on at school and such, it's been one year.

    Also the ending was a lot better organized. It wasn't a random stream of events like the last one was. It actually made sense and you could tell Chima didn't just make things fall into place at the last second. She actually planned ahead and used character's personalities as the basis for these plans. Instead of being the all powerful author, she had the characters act out the plot for her, if that makes any sense.

    The Dragon Heir came out last fall and I plan to find a copy soon and thumb through it. It took me less than 24 hours spread out over two days to finish this book, so im hoping the next will keep me just as entralled. I recommend it strongly for you, Mrs. Younkin.