Race to 500

    Last year Brandeis students created the Race to 500 project. They did an amazing job involving the Brandeis students, staff and parents in creating audio podcasts of books carried at Brandeis. This year we purchased flip cameras to switch our podcasts from audio to video. We also involved more community leaders and languages represented at Brandeis. This has been a huge opportunity for us to use our technology skills to build community by sharing a love of reading. We also added animated podcasts to our site.

    To view podcasts go to the blog page and click the play to start. We are downloading podcasts weekly throughout the school year.

    Download file "Podcast Intro.avi"Here is the introduction to our project

    Here is our wiki page with animated video

    Photostory of Project

    http://www.educationworld.com/a_tech/tech/tech252.shtml View article written on project

    This is a link to our presentation to students and teachers at U of L http://brandeispodcast.wikispaces.com/

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