JCPS History

The JCPS History wiki and blog are provided by the Jefferson County Public Schools Archives and Records Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

This is a resource concerning the rich history of the Jefferson County Public Schools district and predecessor public school districts, which have educated generations of students in the metropolitan Louisville, Kentucky area since 1829.

Hundreds of wiki entries comprise a searchable database for historical information about individual schools past and present, superintendents, and board members. Some historic images are included.

Visitors may link to this resource. Any use of this resource, including images, should credit the Jefferson County Public Schools Archives and Records Center.

The blog includes information about use of these resources and some historical notes. The latter include lists of superintendents and general historical information about the schools and the school districts.

The wiki and blog allow the community at large to share their knowledge and memories, which add to the information provided here. This is an education resource open to all ages. All comments are moderated.

Additional material relating to JCPS history will be provided in the future.

Click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the JCPS History page to open a search box. Search tags will also appear, which provide additional means of filtering searches. The QuickSearch feature will help users find matches in entry titles. Press return after search terms to perform keyword searches throughout the entries.

Among the types of information users may wish to search are street names for current and former school locations.

For more information about using the wiki and blog, click Help at the bottom of the page. Guidelines on adding comments are provided. Here are links to further information about the wiki and blog.