Robert Frost Academy

School Common Name
Robert Frost Academy

School Official Name
Robert Frost Sixth-Grade Academy

Other Name
Robert Frost Middle School; Robert Frost Junior High School; Frost Middle School; Stuart Seventh and Eighth Grade Academy

Last Address
4601 Valley Station Road


Year Opened

Frost is named for the famous American poet Robert Frost. The school's original location in Valley Station was at 13700 Sandray Boulevard. Frost included sixth graders with seventh, eighth, and ninth grades when it opened in 1966 as Frost Junior High School, due to overcrowding at Watson Lane Elementary School. Frost officially became a middle school in 1970, becoming the first in Jefferson County. Its student population then became sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Frost became a community school circa 2000, offering community center services to adults and children. In August 2014 its seventh and eighth grades moved to Valley High School's Valley Preparatory Academy and Frost became Robert Frost Sixth-Grade Academy. In August 2016 Frost opened in its new location, sharing the building with the Stuart Seventh and Eighth Grade Academy. In October 2017 the Board of Education sold the former Frost building to the Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E).

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