Newburg School

School Common Name
Newburg School

Other Name
Newburg Elementary and Junior High School; Newburg Colored School; Newburg School B, Division No. 3

Last Address
5008 Indian Trail


Year Opened

Year Closed

This Newburg School began in a two-story frame building on Newburg Road, which also housed a church, in the Newburg community. The school moved to its own two-room frame building. This was succeeded in 1929 by a new building on Newburg Road between the Southern railroad tracks and Indian Trail. (This property was later sold to Forest Baptist Church in Buechel.) The old school building was sold in 1929. The school moved to a larger new building on Exeter Avenue in 1954 and Newburg became Newburg Elementary and Junior High School. The Julius Rosenwald fund assisted construction of the new school. The school became Newburg Middle School in 1975.

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