Jeffersontown High School (original)

School Common Name
Jeffersontown High or J-town High School (original)

Last Address
College Drive and Galene Drive


Year Opened

1st Graduating Class

Year Closed

Last Graduation

The original Jeffersontown High School opened on the current site of Tully Elementary. Its mascot name was the Gentlemen. The high school was an extension of the original Jeffersontown Elementary School in J-town at Dell Road and College Drive, which opened in 1912. The school was seriously damaged by a fire in 1940. The school subsequently conducted some classes in church Sunday School classrooms in the area. The school was closed in 1950 in favor of the newly opened Eastern High School in Middletown. J-town citizens, however, wanted a school of their own and fought for the restoration of Jeffersontown High School. The new school under that name opened in 1966.

Resource Information

This resource is provided by the Jefferson County Public Schools Archives and Records Center, Louisville, Kentucky. See JCPS History Wiki and Blog Information for contact information.

(unauthenticated)Sep 15, 2010 12:15 PM

The above notes fail to mention that the former Jeffersontown High School operated for some years as the Jeffersontown Elementary School, during the sixties.

Mary Margaret BellSep 16, 2010 10:11 AM

The former Jeffersontown High building was on the same site as the building used as Jeffersontown Elementary in the years when the original Jeffersontown High was open. Jeffersontown Elementary took over the high school facility in addition to its previous facility when the high school was closed.

Jeffersontown Elementary relocated from the site in 1973 - see the Jeffersontown Elementary page for more information.