Jeffersontown Elementary School

School Common Name
Jeffersontown Elementary or J-town Elementary School

School Official Name
Jeffersontown Elementary School

Other Name
Jeffersontown Grade School

Last Address
3610 Cedarwood Way


Year Opened

The school began circa the late 1870's. By 1905 the school occupied a two-room building. A new site for Jeffersontown Elementary was donated by the McFerran family or its company, the Jefferson Heights Land Company. It was built at the corner of College Drive, Dell, and Maple Roads in 1914 with money donated by local residents. The old building was sold in 1918 to Louie Coe. In 1930 the original Jeffersontown High School was built to the rear of the elementary. Several additions were constructed in the 1930's and the 1940's. Additional lots donated by the McFerran estate were sold in 1952. In 1973 J-town Elementary moved from 3300 College Drive to a new building on Cedarwood. The old College Drive school building was then used as an annex for special education classes. A new building for the Jeffersontown Special Education Center (later the Tully Special School and now Tully Elementary School) was built on the College Drive site in 1977.

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