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Janet LanhamAug 23, 2013 2:36 PM

Many of you inquired -----What is the Dr. Seuss Cafe?

Students of the older grades host it for K and 1st grade classes. We set up the the library like a cafe. The premise is to read Dr. Seuss books to students while having fun. We have:

Hostess- signs students in to the cafe and hands out activity sheets to waiting guest and menus to guest being seated
waiter/waitress- takes order and reads books to the students
bus boy/girl- cleans off the table and helps students complete a story map about the story after the story is read to them.
cooks- pours multi colored gold fish into cups for the student snack and places the books on the order tray for the waiters. Also sweeps the floor and cleans off books.

entertainment crew- helps students with the activity sheets and play reading related games, puzzles and activities (many Dr. Seuss type games with the students after they complete the story map)
I took this idea off the internet somewhere several years ago and revised it to meet KY reading standards. Students love it. Host students wear restaurant attire-- aprons, hats, etc. Over the years I collected a lot of Dr. Seuss stuffed animals from Kohls and usually have truffula trees and assorted wacky things around the cafe displayed to make it festive :) The games I pick up from Toys R Us on sale. Puzzles I sometimes get them from Barnes and Noble. Menus are just pictures and the name of the books. The only food at the cafe is gold fish-- had other stuff in the past and it is too messy and too crazy.

Since it is Spring (often call it the Dr. Seuss Spring Cafe) so things are in pastel colors-- hats, aprons, etc have pastel poka dots instead of red stripes. Table clothes match with poka dots. Center pieces and etc are all in pastels. This year I transferred from another school and left many things behind. I needed something quick to spruce up the cafe--- trip to the gym closet-- located purple bowling pings, different colored frisbees and handerchiefs (type they use for dance-- pastels of course :)--- is bunched up groups of handerchiefs to form flowers and rubberband them around the tops of the bowling pin and placed them on top of the frisbee-- Viola- instint center pieces.

You get the ideas-- it's Seuss-- almost anything works.

Linda Ann Wrins-Ryan
Library Media Specialist
Lowe Elementary School