The Good Computer Podcast

Internet Research

In this episode, Good Computer and PiRat help a student with her research paper on Hernando de Soto.
Talking Points:
- When is it ok to use a Wikipedia (or other online editable encyclopedia) article as a source?
- Why is only having one source a bad idea?
- What other sources besides the Internet might you want to use?


Favorite and Bookmarks

In this Dr. Seuss inspired episode, learn how to create a favorite in Internet Explorer 9 and a bookmark in Firefox with Links the Lynx and Qwerty.

Talking Points:

-How do you favorite/bookmark pages in other browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)?
-Why would folders be helpful when organizing your favorites/bookmarks?
-What other websites might be helpful in doing research on Native Americans?


Halloween Special - I Was a Preteen CAPSYbara

It's Halloween in Good Computer Kids land and this year's story is "I Was a Preteen CAPSYbara". Callie was a normal girl who made a critical error when she sat down in a rush to type her personal narrative for Mrs. Halligan on Halloween night.


Saving Your Work

Good Computer and QWERTY explain that saving your work so you can come back to it later is a good idea.
Talking Points:

- How often should you save your work?
- Where is the best place to save your work? (Desktop, Documents, Flash Drive)
- How is Save As used?


MIDI Keyboards

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) keyboards are explored with a Cinderella inspired story and PiRat showing us his "amazing" skills.

Talking Points:

-What are the advantages a MIDI keyboard has over a standard instrument? Disadvantages?
-What is DAW software? Can you give an example?
-How could MIDI and DAW be used to teach Science and Math concepts?


Bold, Italics, and Underline

Good Computer and Drop get in the spirit of March Madness by rooting for BIU (Bold, Italics, and Underline).
Talking Points:
-What instances should bold, italics, and underline be used that are not mentioned in the episode?
-Why might some prefer underline to italics? Italics to underline?

Download file "BIU Practice.docx"

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Refreshing a Webpage

Links the Lynx is introduced in this episode on how to refresh a webpage in Firefox and Internet Explorer on a Mac or a PC.
Talking Points:
- What shortcuts (keys) can you use to refresh a webpage? (Mac vs. PC)
- What could the problem be when refreshing does not work?



Good Computer and QWERTY explain cropping in this episode.

Talking Points:

- Why would you crop a picture?
- What is negative space?
- Can you find some examples of artists/photographers using negative space?

Download file "4th Grade Kentucky Government.docx"
Download file "3rd Grade Heat Crop.docx"
Download file "2nd Grade Symbols.docx"


Valentine's Day Special - Text Wrapping

In this episode a confused and lovestruck PiRat is wrapping text (or so he thinks) to give to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day.

Talking Points:

-When could Text Wrapping be useful?
-What Text Wrapping options were not mentioned in the video?
-What does "Wrap Text" do in an Excel spreadsheet?
-Can you name the rest of Kentucky's state symbols?

Download file "Poem Directions.docx"
Download file "Valentine's Day Poem.docx"



Learn how to center text (along with secret to inner peace) with QWERTY and Good Computer.
Talking points:
-When is it appropriate to center?
-When could you use right align?
-People read left to right. Why is that important when it comes to text alignment?

Download file "Centering Instructions.docx"
Download file "2nd Grade Butterfly (Centering).docx"
Download file "3rd Grade Sound (Centering).docx"


Polygon Tool in Microsoft Paint

Good Computer and Qwerty explain the polygon tool in Microsoft Paint and how using the SHIFT key with it can give you perfect 45 or 90 degree angles.



Good Computer, PiRat, and Qwerty introduce the 3 main types of graphs.



How Rudy the Red USB Flash Drive Saved Christmas

In the first Holiday special from The Good Computer Podcast, we learn the story of how a little red USB flash drive "saved" Christmas. (parody of Rudolph)


Typing in ALL CAPS

Typing in ALL CAPS is a bad idea, watch this episode to find out why. (Warning: It may get LOUD!)
Talking Points:

-What key being on causes people to type in ALL CAPITAL letters?
-Why/When might some people type in ALL CAPS?
-Why is using the SHIFT key better than using CAPS LOCK to make capital letters?



In this episode, Good Computer and crew cover Fonts and learn that a good font choice can make a big difference in your work!

Talking Points:

-What is a font?
-What is the standard font in Microsoft Office Word? Pages (Mac)? Why do you think they are the standard fonts?
-Why are fonts important to advertisers?


PiRat's Evil Plan

PiRat takes over The Good Computer Podcast to unveil his 7-Point Plan on how not to be a good computer.

Talking Points:

-Why shouldn't you do those things in PiRat's plan?

-How does this episode's use of Captain Copyright fit under the fair use clause?

-What's a clause?


Pop-up Ads

Pop-up ads can be annoying and sometimes troublesome, find out what to do when they appear on your screen.
Talking Points:
-What are some common pop-up ad messages? (i.e. You Won!, Free, etc.)
-Have you ever clicked on a pop-up ad? What happened?
-What are pop-under ads?
-Compare and contrast pop-up ads to commercials and other forms of advertising


Drop's Corner:

In a new addition to The Good Computer Podcast, we kick-off our educational website/app reviews with the very popular,


The Lo-Fi Adventure Series: "Press CTRL ALT DELETE"

Press CTRL ALT DELETE to log in to the computers here at school and remember not to share your passwords with others!


Computer Viruses

Sometimes computers can get sick, kind of like you. In this episode, Good Computer and company tackle computer viruses.

Talking Points:
-What are some of the symptoms of a computer virus that were displayed in the video?
-What kind of software protects you from viruses?
-Define trojan, worms, malware, and spyware.